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FGS Metalwork were engaged to fully replace a dangerous fire escape stairway that had corroded to the point that safety was an issue. This stairway had not been hot dipped galvanised when originally constructed by another company.  This corrosion highlights the necessity of carrying out this important procedure. 

Site measurements were taken by one of our consultants and then plans drawn up on CAD. Our team began fabrication in our Auckland premesis.

Welding and construction was carried out at FGS Group facility and then installed by our reliable site safe team.

Design and construction follows strict council regulations with correct vertical and horizontal placements of handrails and infill panels.

The fire escape stairway was specifically designed in three separate parts, not only for ease of transport but so that each section could be installed and then bolted together in stages so that the hot dipped galvanised process was not compromised by cutting and welding on site.

A Hiab Crane was used to transport the new sections to the site and then to lift away the old corroded sections for disposal.

The end result is a safe exit in the event of a fire.

Shame they never bothered to paint the wall prior to installing the new smart looking stairway! 





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