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Another Tower Cage addition by FGS Structural comissioned by Hawkins Construction - this time in Matamata. 

Working condtions were extreme so safety harnesses were worn and a special hoisting system constructed to lift the cage up the 4 stories to the top of the tower unit. 

The cage was added for security purposes to keep unauthorised people off the tower and prevent tampering and exposure to radiation.  

The hot dipped galvanised cage was lifted into place and bolted on by our qualified site safe team.  

Finishing touches included a gate.  Everything was fabricated in our Auckland plant before being sent to be hot dipped galvanised. 

The view from the tower just below the clouds. 


  We may or may not have left one of our team there to supervise the functionality of the cage.   

For your specific structural needs - please contact one of our team on 09 377 8778 to discuss your requirements.   


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