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The Stanmore Bay Reserve Storm Water Barrier / Grate Debris Trap was created to prevent flooding debris and logs from washing along the Stanmore Bay Reserve and into the storm water system as this would have caused blockages and damage to pipes and property in its pathway.


FGS Metalwork were subcontracted in conjunction with Auckland City Council to complete the barrier / grating side of this project.

The project had to be designed, engineered, and fabricated to exact specifications whilst also trying to make the barrier look more aesthetically pleasing and rather a feature than a straight barrier as this was on a public reserve.

The fencing / grill / barrier / grate project was made with solid removable upright inserts in case of damage, with a structure of heavy steel pipe and having been hot dipped galvanised and then powder coated in black.

Welding and construction was carried out at the FGS Group Ltd main factory premises in Silverdale and then installed by our experienced installation team.  Please call us on 09 377 8778 or send an enquiry via the link above to discuss your project requirements.  



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