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Te Atatu Peninnsula have a beautiful sun shade facade over their library, thanks to a team of talented contractors including FGS Metalwork.  

FGS Metalwork was part of a greater project where artist Chiara Corbelletto was commisioned to design flowers for a sunshade facade.   

FGS Metalwork spent time load testing prototype flowers on a frame designed in house by our engineers. 

The frame was constructed in our Auckland plant, treated, painted and then craned into position for connecting together, panel by panel on site. 

The flowers face both inwards so the occupants of the library can see them and framework, and outwards to the world outside to enjoy also.   

A very clever and very beautiful design by Chiara to compliment the building Architecture by Craig Moller of Moller Achitects in Auckland.   

The finished product is a visually stimulating design that fits the Librarys Architectually modern look.

Get your architect to deal with us direct or call us on 09 377 8778 to discuss your specific requirements.   



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